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Lansig Artem -- canadian guitarist and composer of original world jazz with rumba flamenco and new age fusion flavor

Lansig Artem is canadian composer and a world-fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His musical style which is inspired by classical and flamenco techniques combines jazz techniques and traditional influences from all over the world.

Many would say that his music is much similar to flamenco or even of the rumba flamenco, or of the new age acoustic than it is to real jazz. It's possible but, even if he has been clearly influenced by such spanish and gypsy music styles as the flamenco is, he never envisioned to reproduce or acquire integrally the techniques and structures belonging to those idiomatic musics. He instead has voluntarily searched to create his own style, while eventually to draw inspiration from any music that have the potential to touch him, or to open his music to new color palettes and moods.

As a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, his music is fully individuated but still implies worldwide colors. In fact, many ingredients characterise the essence of Lansig Artem's music. As he states himself, the music is a connection to the soul and therefore should contain inner impressions and moods and, life interconnections.

Melody is at the heart of this music but is often supported by sophisticated ambiences or atmospheres, if not complexe rythm textures. For him, effective melody is a key to successful music since it brings a "story" or a direction to the song. Harmony and rythms create the environment for the message to catch its essence and to get through to the listener! While jazz and rock imprints are present and Flamenco and other latin root music dominate, middle east and oriental traditional have a indirect influence to his production.

Artem's main concerned is to be musical, influential while still be creative and original. Jazz fusion has also played a major role in his formation and influences by artists like UZEB, John McLaughlin, Return To Forever, Acoustic Alchemy and Weather Report are real.

He has completed music studies and experimentation at College of St-Laurent in Quebec, Canada and at the University of Montreal where he pursued a contemporary composition program with such names as Serge Garant, Michel Longtin and Jose Evangelista.

After a few years of meditation and experimentation with different jazz and pop ensembles, he decided to publish his music for guitar and to make it into a finished product. In 2006 Lansig Artem launched his first guitar album "Floating Point" which got him good critics.

A second album, Desert Winds, has just been released.

Lansig Artem is now living in Sorel-Tracy, in Quebec, a place so much more relax than Montreal and much more appropriate for composing and creating.



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