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"Nice guitar play! "

All the music 
Denis B

"Very soothing music. Liked it very much! "

"very nice acoustic stuff "

"great tunes, i grown up with music like this!!! Bringin back memories "
All the music 
Dominique T.
United States

"nice sound "

"I really like your music. "
Toronto, Canada

"creative, beautiful! "

"Great guitar work on all YOUR stuff. "
All the music 
S. D.

"good stuff "
All the music 
W. Bolton

"how I wish I could play so beautiful, so kind and gentle the melody. "
All the music 
P. G

"Nice groove...I love the positive energy that's upbeat without being sappy. Cool. Sam "

"You're very talented "

United States

"I Love! "
Video (A Touch of Light)
Gaetan L.

"beautiful ... very soothing. Nice to listen to while doing my art :) "
All the music 

"Beautiful music!!! "
All the music 
L. Pedneault

"Very nice song, great acoustic guitar work Very moody piece Thanks for sharing itPeace and the best of luck to youBill "
All the music 
United States

"Great Music! "

"I usually just flip it on an instrumental. Not that I don't like them but I like to hear singing when I turn this on. I listened to EVERY MOMENT of your beautiful strumming. thank you so much for letting us hear your magic! (Jango Radio comment) "

"Desert Winds is an interesting and engaging record of Flamenco and jazz inspired tunes. Full of creativity and energetic performances, the album is a strong artistic statement from the Montreal guitarist, one that is sure to expand his audience and bring his music to the wider, global community. "
Desert Winds Album 
Matt Warnock
Editor: Guitar International Mag
United States

"Lansig! Gorgeous guitar playing and arrangements! Walk through the dreamland is exquisite and so uplifting. "
All the music 

"Dear Lansig, your site is beautiful. Finally I have a photo of you along with the bonus of hearing you play. Your reach straight to my heart. I am very impressed by your talent, your composition and the manner that you put it all together into some marvelous and enchanting sounds of visual colors and harmony. My most sincere compliments and best wishes for great success with all your future plans. "
Floating Point Album 
Los Angeles, United States

"The new CD is very good! I listen to it while working on the computer and I really appreciate the jazz-flamenco color of the music. Well done! "
Desert Winds Album 
Rich Martel
United States

"This song is awesome (Au Cafe), very peaceful. I can imagine someone playing it at sunset, on the stage of a jazz festival "

"Hi Lansig, Your music sounds beautiful and full of atmosphere and sensitivity - I wish you inspiration and happiness, Best wishes "
Sally Oldfield

"Love it, so mellow and smooth "

United States

"Just reviewed Groove Move and loved it! (Broadjam review) "
All the music 
Katheryn W

"Very nice... "


"nice video I enjoyed it thank you for creating it. "
 (Infinite Destination)
U. W

"great sound "
All the music 
Rudy G.

"strings and guitar are beautiful "

"Whoa! Love this arrangement and musicianship. Incredible. Real string player? "
All the music 
M. Wilcox
United States

"awesome!!! "

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