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Welcome to the Lansig Artem's official web site 

"Music and art alike are of those ingredients that make life enjoyable. These are a passage to the human soul and a connection to this immaterial reality full of emotions, moods and ideas."

-Lansig Artem

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Now Available!
The last album "Desert Winds" is now available for ordering. New sonorities, new musicians and groove.

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Latest News
2017-10-28 - This video could be promotional
The song has been choosen, the style defined, all the elements assembled and finally, this promotional video went out from that! Larga vida a la simplicidad ! Give us your impressions. (read more...)
2017-09-16 - A new and more acoustic album in preparation
It's confirmed! A completely new album will be produced! This album will contain more solo acoustic guitar tracks and some duos with another instrument. (read more...)
2012-11-25 - Moon Circus finishes in 4th position in a Broadjam contest
The track "Moon Circus" has finished in 4th position in the Broadjam site preliminary contest called "All bets are off". (read more...)
2012-11-13 - Moon Circus in good position to win an international song contest
Some news about the Desert Winds Album: The track "Moon Circus" is actually in 2nd position in the Broadjam site contest called "All bets are off". (read more...)
2012-10-23 - Réflexion d'automne in TOP 10 on Broadjam
Some news about the Desert Winds Album: The track "Réflexion d'automne" is actually in 3rd position in the Broadjam site contest called "Two's company". (read more...)
2012-10-22 - Moon Circus reach Broadjam TOP 10
Moon Circus has reached the TOP 10 CHART for Quebec on Broadjam this week. (read more...)
2012-02-01 - Nice review from Matthew Warnock
(review by music critic Matt Warnock) Montreal guitarist Lansig Artem is [. (read more...)
2012-01-22 - Lansig Artem features 27th position on Jango
Lansig Artem's music features in 27th position (on 1712 for the week ending 22 jan. (read more...)
2011-12-24 - Desert Winds is now available
The Desert Winds album CD is now available for purchase on Lansig Artem's website. (read more...)
2011-11-28 - Desert Winds available from decembre 14
Desert Winds album will be available for purchase online from 14 décember 2011. It is already possible to order in advance but one must be patient since the delivery will be delayed accordingly! (read more...)

Other albums
The album "Floating Point" is now available for ordering. Discover for yourself the dynamic colors and latin rhythms and harmonies.

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